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Hey people, just looking for some advice about upgrading my graphics card.

I currently have a ATI RADEON X1300 PRO 256MB which came with my Dell 531 when i brought it 2 1/2 years ago.

My graphics card isn't bad but i'd like to be able to play games with the settings turned up a bit more (Play alot of World of Warcraft, i know i'm a geek!).

Running 64bit Windows 7 with AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.81 Ghz with 4 GB of RAM.

From the bit of reasearch i've don i think i need a PCI Express card and might need to get a new power supply too.

Looking to spend about £100-£160 getting this done.

Just wondering what you would advise as a good card and if/how i need to change my power supply.

And is it difficult to change the graphics card? Have done a few bits with the inside of PC's before but nothing too major.

Anything you guys have to suggest would be really appreciated! Thankyou in advance,
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  1. Do you have a preferred website you would order from? I am not sure what an ATI 5670 runs in your area, but that is probably the most you could install without upgrading your power supply, which is 300W stock.

    Your card is simple to replace, you would just remove the old card and install the new one. Neither has an additional power connector to mess with. You would want to download the latest Drivers from ATI's website and that would be it.
  2. No real preference on website or anything, never brought internal stuff for my pc before bay RAM.

    This the right card? when i put the name into froogle i noticed a 1Gb version and a 512 version, would i be able to support the 1GB? Cause i'm guessing thats gonna be a better one.

    I wouldn't mind changing over the PSU if it was going to make a big difference, just a case of if it's worth it or not. If i get a new card and see a big difference i am happy not to but if it's a case that i need to replace both to see a big difference i'm happy to.
  3. the ATI 5670 is too slow to take advantage of 1GB of ram

    if you do want to upgrade your PSU, I suggest the ATI 4850
    the 5750 offers similar performance to the 4850 but if you don't run Win 7 then these is no need

    the 5670 will handle WoW much better then the x1300 Pro (i know, i played it on one) and be your easiest upgrade choice
  4. This is the 512mb.

    So go for that one if i don't wanna change my PSU and if i do then the 4850?

    Just saw on they do a 512 and a 1gb version on the 4850, which would be better?

    If i were to go for the 4850 what sort of PSU would i need? (Even less idea about that than i do about cards)
  5. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, and using that website I'd get this PSU and video card.

    OCZ 600 £56.99:

    Sapphire 4870 £99.99:

    These two will be by far your best upgrade if you are looking to replace your PSU, it even comes in right under your £160 limit. You won't do much better than that. The power supply is easy. You just have to unplug the current power supply and remember where everything needs a plug, maybe write it down. Then unscrew and remove. Then install the new unit and plug the proper plugs back in. The 4870 will get (2) 6 pin plugs, which that power supply has. ANd then maybe some zip ties and make it all nice and neat inside. Nothing worst than bad airflow because of messy cables.
  6. what is the native resolution of your monitor?

    the 4850 would need a 450w PSU, this corsair is one of the best 450 units you can get.
  7. jay2tall said:

    that dell unit has a BTX motherboard, the card would go fan up so he would need to make some modifications to his case so it will fit
  8. ct1615 said:
    what is the native resolution of your monitor?

    Have the resoultion set at 1680x1050.

    Also about the "modifications to case" that sounds like hard work. I think i said before that i'm ok with computer stuff but not up to major changes.
  9. like i said before the 5670 will work for you on WoW

    you can go either 512mb or 1GB on the 4850 at your resolution

    the 4870 would be overkill considering your monitor and CPU
  10. ct1615 said:
    that dell unit has a BTX motherboard, the card would go fan up so he would need to make some modifications to his case so it will fit

    Are you sure it is BTX?
  11. *This combo deal is only good for usa
    Its a combo deal at newegg, so it only is good for America. If someone was looking to do the same thing as the op its a good deal on a semi-powerful card.
    xfx 4770
    ocz 600 psu
    2 rebates of 40 dollars making purchase 154.00-40=104.00
    KNOCK another 8 bucks of with 10% off code. oczvp10 ~works tested.
    The 4770 uses 40nm tech,
    Forty is the New Deadly.
    used in the new 5 series giving almost as good power
    numbers ,low heat, as the 5 series(not quite).
  12. I got a dell 531 desktop w/ the same type of processor as well (got the 2.9ghz amd 5600+).

    A new PSU is a must and my video card fans point down, not up.

    I would get a 550 watt PSU and get an ATI 5770 or 5830.
  13. clutz said:
    I would get a 550 watt PSU and get an ATI 5770 or 5830.

    make sure you forward the OP your credit card number since you are so far above his budget...
  14. So easy option is the 5670 512mb. just a case of swapping the cards out and making sure i have up-to-date drivers.

    Otherwise if i feel adventurous go with the couple of bits Jay mentioned?

    I'll have to see how i feel at the end of the month when i get paid.
  15. If you are going to game a bit, I would recommend being adventurous and upgrade the PSU and video card to something better. The 5670 is a good card, but for the cost it is alot compared to the 4870 which is a true gaming card. If you want a comparison, look at this page and flip through the next several pages. It is a review on the 5670 but also includes the 4870 in the graphs. You can see it isn't even in the same league.
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