Overclocking a GT520 with EVGA, any tips?

Obviously to buy a better one isn't on the list so, I've slowly turned up the memory and core+shaders, adjusting each up then down with different ratios. This is as high as I can get without getting missing triangles or textures. I took out the dinky fan and mounted a much better one on the heatsink, and one on the opposite side of the card, heat is no issue. EVGA can't seem to change the voltage either. It is at 1.040 and I wanted to set it at 1.060, but it just snaps back to 1.040 .Any tips?

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  1. no oc for low end VGA
  2. Intelligent, thanks.
  3. I have a 620 and its not OC too, like henydiah states " no OC for Low end vga "
  4. Geeze, I already changed The core+shader clocks to 985-1970 and memory to 585. I just need to change the voltage so I can go higher. I know software cannot do it but I should be able to change the BIOS on the card to get whatever voltages I want (idle, 3d, 2d, etc.) Can anyone here help me with this or just say "no oc u card"?
  5. Well, I have gotten 1002/2004/580 clocks. The memory and core combo can stop crashes, at 560 it blacked out, 530 had tons of artifacts. The original 585 was better so I decided to try 580 and wow, its perfect. 66c btw. So more voltage is really needed, please help me find a BIOS or BIOS editor. Im not a complete noob, I've been fascinated with computeers since I was a little kid, I got a commodore 64. After I had mastered that (or thought so anyway) I got an old 286?, with windows 3. I was completely hooked. I loved after I finaly learned how, to buy those 5 1/4 floppys with the games. Windows 3 let you go in and edit the code of any program, save and test. I figured out how to get more ammo/guns/lives/jumps/etc. Make crazy levels and monsters, or messed up everything... It was awsome. I was born in 84, it must have been 93 maybe 94 at the time because I remember when windows 95 came out. That means I was about 9 or ten. The only reason I dont have more experience is because of money, I usually have a computer for 5 or 6 years. This is by far the best I've ever had, and I've had it for a few years. The point is Im not trying to be a jerk or beg anyone but I cant just buy a new one, or whatever. I just want to make the most out of what I have, and Im capable with general instruction.
  6. yeah don't fool .. it can damage your VGA without raise voltage GPU .. go back to default Bro :D
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