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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a "COOLER MASTER HAF 932 RC-932-KKN1-GP Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case."

I also bought "650 XFX Power Supply."

And I have Windows 7 Ultimate as OS.

Also have have Radeon HD 4650 512mb DDR2 - have had this for a while, I don't even think it's compatible with Windows 7.

I do not know much about building a PC, this will be my first one. I would very much appreciate any build you are able to suggest.
I would like to use this for gaming and some video editing. It would be great for it to be able to multi task and have great speed. I have around $300 that I am able to spend on it at the moment.

Thanks for the help.
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    First of all you need a good processor , An excellent CPU depending on AMD or Intel, If you are intense into gaming will be a Core2duo or I3 (Intel) or AMD X4 Quad core Procesor. If not a dual core CPU like the E3300 or E5500 will do. as for the graphics, it uses vista drivers which is compatible with Win7. PSU is Fine

    I have a 9400 GT for video editing and sound editing withjavascript:%20validform(this); a E3300 CPU. Otherwise the PSU is very good. I would recommend Asus or Gigabyte over MSI to give you max performance. You would need a board with an excellent sound card. What I would suggest buy everything on special, save up , like buy a component or two a month. Thats what I would do.
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  3. Thanks for the help guys.

    I think I want to use AMD for CPU, it's probably more affordable for my budget.

    I would like to use SONY Vegas and Adobe if possible for editing.

    The type of gaming I will be doing will games like 2nd Life and Occasionally Star Craft 2.
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  5. Excellent choice , Graphics plays an excellent role in editing as well as games
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