I7 860 Refuses to Boot

Just bought an i7 860 and got it installed. Went to turn on the computer, and I seem to get signal to the monitor, but no actual picture. Just pure black (no backlight). I reset the CMOS, and still get the same issue.

Here are my specs:

Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3
2x 2GB ValueRam 1333
XFX 5770
2x500GB Samsung F3
i7 860 (previously the i3 530)

If you have any advice please let me know!

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  1. Well, to start off. When you first boot up your system do you hear it post(1 single beep) because if not then you might have an issue with the new processor.

    What makes you think the monitor is getting signal? If no back-light is on that typically means that the monitor is off or is in sleep mode due to a lack if signal input. At this point I would recommend that you re-seat both your ram and your video card. Although if your system isn't posting then its probably more to do with the CPU.

    Post back and lemme know.
  2. The system does not post, but instead gives off a tone that says the GPU is not properly connected. Here's where this gets ugly, and more of a story rather than a question.

    I removed my XFX 5770 from my system, and the fan/plastic enclosure literally fell apart from the chip and heatsink. So I'm going to RMA that card, and we'll see what happens afterward.

    I'm also wondering if this was partly a PSU problem. I kind of cheaped out on my PSU, so I'm going to order a new one as well just for safe-being. Hopefully it didn't fry my i7 as well.

  3. Processors are very resilient. I tend to find that they very rarely go bad. Like maybe one in a thousand. I've seen systems that have taken surges from lightning storms and had every component dead, except the CPU. hopefully that puts your mind a little at ease.

    While you RMA that card I don't suppose your board has on-board video to see if your system gets up and going? Either way, got my fingers crossed for ya.
  4. Just as a point of interest the i7 Kits seem to require the RAM Dimms to be in the white slots if you have two of them. So if you have the RAM in the other slots with the white slots empty then it wont Post.
  5. There are different revisions of that mobo.
    But most importantly that cpu won't post on any of them until you have bios version F7.
  6. fusion_gtx said:
    Processors are very resilient.

    True. I think one reason is that the motherboard power regulator that powers the CPU is another layer of protection for the CPU.

    CPU's are seldom the problem in a nonbooting system.

    Reinstall the i3. Upgrade the BIOS. Then, if the system still doesn't work, it is time for serious troubleshooting:
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