I have these problem for a long time,but it seems im the only experiencing these

i have these problem for a long time,but it seems im the only experiencing these problem with my Asus P5KPL-Am motherboard with an error of Usb Over current status detected system will shut down in 15 secs...No usb device or even a hard disk/or dvd rom is connected to my board by still no solution to my problem..I even go to the bios setting because the del post message is missing or not running..so icant go to the bios...before i can configure the bios,i will set the bios to disable the usb functions so it will run in windows..but totally now i cant figure it out..my pc doest work anymore...can anyone help me..tnx...
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  1. This is a problem that many Asus users had. Just google for it. You would find lots of different solutions. Then its a matter of trial and error to see which one works. The solutions range from BIOS downgrade to loosening of the motherboard screws. Check them out and let us know which one works.
  2. Tnx ..for the advice but i already try that a hundred times..without the screws in the motherboard only pwr supply connected with memory in..still doesnt work...i check all the pins or wires extenders,nothing i found wrong..i upgrade the bios with Ez flash utility and downgrade still nothing happens..post message is always ..Please enter setup to recover bios setting/Usb over current status detected! system will shutdown in 15 secs...Hundred times i reset my computer but no solution..
  3. Then i think if you are under warranty then get it to the Service Center.
  4. Its not possible coz i bought the product outside the country(taiwan)..im now in Phils..
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