Slow ssd performance (samsung 830)

Seems like my 830 is running slow on my new build. asrock extreme 6 p77, i7 3370k. only getting about 370MB/s in crystaldisk seq test. Shoudn't it be around 530? any suggestions? thanks.
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  1. CrystalDiskMark uses highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    ATTO uses highly compressible data to test Read/Write speeds.

    Benchmark with ATTO software to see if you are getting advertised speeds.
  2. There is another thread in here about that same SSD.

    Try runing ATTO benchmarks. But don' t run too many benches, they actually hurt the SSD (too many write cycles).

    Here are some SSD tips & tricks, evn though Samsung includes a disk to do many of these:

    The SSD Review - SSD Optimization Guide...

    OCZ Blog - SSD Tips & Tweaks (even though it's not an OCZ, it still applies)

    Now let me find that thread....[Solved] Samsung 830 Performance Degradation

    In the end, he increased his drives "over provesioning:"

    For those of us following but don't (yet) have Samsung 830:

    To Over Provision, you just select that option and have the software scan the drive. It then suggests 11.9GB drive shrinkage (10%). You select it and it takes 2 seconds. Win7 now sees that drive as 107GB vs previous 119GB, with 11.9GB unallocated space showing and another small section of 0.1GB seen in the magician softwrare. These do not show up when you run disk backup.

    I am going to set daily Performance Optimization Scheduling and see if I get a bunch of benchmarks being saved. That way we'll know whether POS simply optimizes or whether it wastes write cycles.

    Even later -- It does a benchmark each time. I am going to change to weekly scheduling.

    Over provisioning is where you do not use all of the drive space, you leave 10-20% of the drive unaloocated and unformated. The drive will use this space to self optimize." SSDs usually come with 5-7% of self overprovioning, but more doesn't hurt! This what I did with all the SSDs I've had in RAID 0! Worked like a charm!
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