My name is Prashant,
My pc config is intel g41 rq, c to d, 2 gb ddr2 ram I am not using any graphic card yet. 400 v SMPS

I play pop4 swos, moh, but the game is working very slow I want a goo graphic card but my friend suggest me change my config to amd M4N78 Mobo, phenom 550 processor and 2 gb ddr3 ram.

What should i do please help me weather I buy graphic card or chang my config..

Thank you....
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  1. Graphics card first. The 5770 is coming down in price; I've seen them close to $100 after rebate. If that's too much, newegg has a sapphire 4650 1 gb for only $36.99 after rebate.
  2. Thanks .............
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