Anyone own a 3TB HDD (with enclosure)?

I'd like to know which enclosure you're using and how full the drive is. I bought the Rosewill RX35-AT-SU3 and it keeps corrupting my WD30EZRX after I write over 2TB of data to it (even though it says it supports 3TB drives).
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  1. The drive has to be set up in GPT to get over the 2.2TB MBR limit.

    Regardless of internal or external. Usage don't matter either.
  2. Yeah, when I use GPT is when it gets corrupted. When I try two MBR partitions there's no corruption but the second, smaller partition gets wiped out after writing lots of data and reconnecting the USB.

    Currently I'm testing the drive out internally to be 100% positive it's the USB chipset. It takes a while to write 2.5TB of data though so I'd like some enclosure recommendations in the meantime :)
  3. A few months ago I bought a 3TB WD green already in an enclosure. Only paid $110 at Costco. It was just before news of the floods was widespread.
  4. ram1009: Are YOU having problems like synce is?
  5. I use the Penta interface USB3.0/2.0/1394a/b/eSATA hot swap aluminum enclosure here, with all kind of HDD range from 160GB to 4TB w/o an issue

    You may look at the USB3.0 drivers, try to get the latest version (ASUS) and the latest SP does help too
  6. Thanks ram but externals are not an option (I don't like the warranty conditions)

    The laptop I'm using is a Clevo P151HM1 with the latest Renesas USB 3.0 and Intel RST drivers. And that Penta enclosure looks sick but I can't afford it.

    Anyway today I connected the 3TB GPT drive to a PC internally and after writing 2.5TB of data to, rebooting and unplugging the SATA cable several times there was no corruption, further leading me to suspect it's a crappy USB chipset. I'll try a slightly more expensive Mediasonic enclosure and if that gives me trouble I'll step it to a Silverstone. Yay for Shoprunner's free shipping and returns.
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