No power LED?

Hi, I have gotten all of my components setted all up for the past 2 days and made sure everything is right. The cables are everywhere but its manageable. I don't get whats the problem why the computer doesn't turn on. When I plug in the PSU and turn it on the case fans and the video card fan starts. So I'm sure the mobo isn't broken. However when I press the power on button on the case it doesn't do anything I think I connected the power leds and stuff wrong. The thing is I don't know what I should do now..
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  2. ^ So you are saying that the power LED doesnt work but the PC works right ?

    Did you check the mobo manual ? It should contain the diagram of the layout and also would tell where to connect the LED wires...
    And by the way which mobo do you have ?
  3. Everything is working the power LED was the problem I had to rewire it and put it in the right way (had to reverse it).
  4. ^ Good that you solved it yourself... :)
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