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Hi Guys,

I am new to the IT world(CS student) but I am looking to put together a pretty hardcore home server. I have an intel R1304BTLSHBN on the way. As I understand it, intel RST supports RAID, and it looks like that server contains 6 onboard sata ports.

I am wondering if the motherboard will support a RAID setup without the need for a controller, or if I will need a 3rd party controller. Plan on using sata drives.

For a RAID setup - I believe that I want RAID 1 - 4, 2Tb drives with 4Tb storage capacity and 2 mirror drives.

I plan on running either ESXi or Gentoo.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. yes the Intel chipset does support firmware level RAID. It's not battery backed and there are better third party options available but it will get the job done
  2. Thanks for the quick response!

    Is there a sub $180 raid card that you would recommend? I am searching through newegg, but there are so many options that its hard to sort through...
  3. best RAID controller for the money is a used PERC6i IMHO You can get them on ebay for $100. It will blow away that intel controller, has batter backup and supports SAS/SATA. You can get them to work in non dell servers.
  4. The SSD Review - HighPoint 2720SGL RocketRAID Controller - $160.00 on the egg.

    You need SAS to SATA adapeter cables (2) to from 2 SAS to 8 SATA drives.
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