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So I was putting a list together for the parts I would need to build a custom water cooled PC. I was going to use a Corsair 800D and cool the CPU and GPU. It got to be quite expensive, and I was thinking of buying the FrozenCPU dual loop 800D case instead of doing it myself. Do you guys think this is a good idea for me?
P.S. I have never done a custom water cooling loop before.
Link to the case:
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  1. I think you could do it a lot cheaper buying separately and you would be able to choose exactly what you want.
  2. Yeah, building that on your own is going to much cheaper; FrozenCPU's modded cases (read: no hardware at all) run 3-4 times the normal price of the case. The loops in there only have MCP350s which are relatively weak for the money, and a single loop would most likely cool better.

    Watercooling is definitely one of those things that you should learn before attempting, because something will go wrong if you don't know what you're doing and you won't know how to fix it.

    Remember the 6 P's:
    Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
  3. +1, my man boiler!

    You know that 6 P's should be added into the watercooling sticky :P no kidding btw :) Another thing Frozencpu have upside down is the Bitfenix window mod offered by them. The window cutout on the left side panel is badly done that you can see the left over meshed area on the panel.

    ^ So Boiler if you're going for a Bitfenix Prodigy with a good panel mod off the bat, go to PPC's.

    Oh, I'd like to add:
    @ OP - If you were to mix and match hardware from various watercooling retailers you may end up with a lower bill. I got my XSPC Raystorm copper block for $25 less than what was sold on Frozencpu. $25 that went towards my tubing on Sidewinder computers.

    And to stock yourself with info critically needed to understand maintain and work on your loop comes from the Watercooling sticky<--located at the top of the section or in my sig.

    Lastly, might also want to check out the watercooling gallery and the build log threads to gather some inspiration as to the loops theme and route.
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