Adding Hard Drives - want to add 2-4 internal SATA ports which card?

I am looking to add additional internal hard drives for storage and am trying to learn which add on card would be best. I am not running a RAID and would like 2-4 internal SATA ports.
My motherboard has both PCI and PCI-E slots open. I do not need and external ports. I buy from Newegg so any suggestions there would be helpful. Thanks.
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  1. Although this is a RAID card, you can run it non-RAID.

    Got very high reviews: The SSD Review - HighPoint 2720SQL Rocket RAID Card, $160.00 on the egg.

    Why do you need that many SATA ports, just get larger drives.
  2. I was hoping for something not quite so pricey. A two port would probably be enough. I could make due I guess with taking out a 500GB and put the 2TB drive in it's place. I am just looking ahead to have drives ready when I begin encoding years of family videos.
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