Intel warranty?

I tried searching for this, but the topic is too vague for me to try to find an answer. Anyway I am wondering if you still have warranty on the CPU that you bought from someone else? Do you need a receipt for the RMA process?
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  1. I am pretty sure you will need the original box and receipt.
  2. ^ Yup. Intel warranties do not transfer. Then again, very few warranties transfer from owner to owner.
  3. I did RMA an Intel motherboard and I didn't have to provide anything other than answering questions on the web page (model, serial number, etc.) A CPU might be different.
  4. What if you have the box, but do not have the receipt? Someone is helping me obtain a CPU from MC. Can I just ask the person to also send me the receipt and this would work to prove that I bought it? I am beginning to wonder if this is worth it. I am not comfortable not having warranty on any high priced electronics.
  5. Contact Intel as they can certainly answer that question. Without proof of purchase, the warranty will most likely be based on the manufacturing date.
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