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HAF 922 fan setup

hey everyone, I just bought a HAF 922 and my pc components as well. I did not buy any extra fans... and I would like some advice on which fans I should get. I want the best air flow possible ;)) thanks everyone!
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  1. 1, 2, 3 is what it should be, 4 isn't necessary 5 would only make good effect if you have SLI/CF setup.

    That's in case you have air cooler.
  2. It comes with 3 fans, right? maybe i should throw at least another intake fan there. If yes, what size of fan? I got the H100 for my cpu cooler btw
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    In that case, just move the top 200mm fan to the side panel and have it as an intake. The H100 fans will act as the top exhaust for the case.
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  5. thanks man, and thanks to dragon tech as well! both answers helped me
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