New system questions

This is my first time asking a question on this website so go easy

Anyway I am looking to build a new system from cyberpowerpc (My current one is 8 years old. seriously)
I am looking to get some ideas about my setup
I am looking for a gaming PC for games like Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, ect.
And I am sick of crappy frame rates.

800 Power box
Phenom 965 Black Edition
ATI Radeon 5830 (X-fire in a few years when i get some more $$)
AM3 motherboard

I have a few questions....
1. Do i need/should I have a Solid state drive?
2. I cant seem to choose a motherboard.....I want something with AM3, a high bus speed and one that can fit 2 HD5830's and an audio card....but beyond that i am lost. Ideas?
3. should i get 1333MHZ or 1600MHZ? Do I need 3 sticks instead of 2?
4. oh and what is the difference between a Gen2 PciE and a PciE? Would a HD5830 work good in both of them?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 1. SSD - a luxury at current $$/GB but nice to have
    2. Just hit a single HD 5850 - a 770/budget 790GX or if u can wait till April 26th 870/880G with native SATA 6GB/s support?
    3. If costs the same 1600 else 1333
    4. Only previous gen (ealier than 700 series) would be on PCIex16 gen 1.0 so no worries
    5. Other options: AthlonII X4 630 now for games and look to hit Thuban X6 if need arises? Also Deneb 925-955BE?
  2. Responders on this site would be able to better advise you if you could post an estimated budget. With that they could advise you of the best bang for the buck.
  3. I honestly wouldn't recommend an SSD for at least another year, let them get faster, better, cheaper first.
    like batuchka said save yourself money on the RAM because you are going to want to get the next step up on the graphics
    also if an intel quad core setup is cheaper id go with that unless you are going to be overclocking alot
  4. Thanks guys
    Ill pass on the SSD then.
    I am going with the 1600MHZ because its only a 10$ difference
    I would go with the new i7 920 but it seems pretty expensive and my budget is in the 1000-1100$$ range

    Would a Phenom 965 match well with 2 HD5830 video cards?

    If so, then whats a good motherboard (AM3 right?) that can take the 2 video cards x-fire and a x-fi sound card? It gets a little bit too technical for me here, but I do know i want a high bus speed. I dont want the motherboard to be a bottleneck...ideas?

    Cooling is no problem. I live in the arctic - I just open the window when i'm gaming
  5. If you could follow the instructions in the How to Ask for New Build Advice thread, people will be able to come up with a more accurate answer for you. Specifically, intended usage, monitor resolution, and budget are very important pieces of information.

    Please be aware that this is a homebuilt forum, and most of the answers you get are going to be directed at building it yourself. You are also likely to get many posts telling you to build it yourself. You certainly don't have to, and you can take the recommendations given and attempt to apply them to a pre-built, but it's not always going to fit quite right. The reason regulars on this forum aren't interested in pre-built computers is because typically those businesses cut corners on some of the less-visible parts, such as the power supply, RAM, and hard drives. This doesn't make them bad people, but it does mean that the parts may not be as good as if you bought them yourself and built the computer on your own.
  6. Ill be more simple.
    not looking for help on a whole system build. I am asking advice about
    weather or not parts match in performance. (i.e. no "bottleneck")

    What would be a good motherboard for a Phenom 965 with 2 HD5830 video cards and 4-6GB of 1600MHz memory?
  7. Anyone?
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