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Hey there ladies and gents, I am not all too familiar with these SSDs as I always had the mentality of "too expensive and I am a poor college student so not happening", and now they are kinda affordable. Problem is, dunno a thing about them. Now, I know these sandforce driven drives are currently the new big thing, but I was looking more towards a budget drive, for my new laptop (yay! :D). Essentially, I wish to make start up and shut down quicker, and opening other programs quicker. Now I narrowed it down to two drives, but at the same time, am unsure of purchasing them. They are both OCZ drives from two of their lines. The first is an Octane S2 drive, the cheaper of the two. I heard these drives had very poor performance though. It has SATAII speeds and 128GB. The second is the Agility 3; has 120GB (8GB less) but SATA3 and $15 more. Now, my laptop only has SATAII connectors, so I was wondering, would it be worth it to grab the SATA3, or would performance be negligable as I am using a SATAII connection anyways. Cheers! (also, I can grad an ADATA SSD (120GB), OCZ Octane (128 GB) or a OCZ Vertex 3 (120GB) (all SATA III) for $20 more than the Octane)
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  1. First, what is the brand and model of your motherboard.

    Second, does it support SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd capabilities or just SATA 2 3Gb/s capabilities?

    Third, what do you do with your pc?

    Fourth, I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested in. Follow the links to the technical reviews.
  2. I am unsure what the brand of the motherboard is, however, I was informed that it only supports SATA 2 (3gb/s). The PC is used for light gaming, word documents, some video rendering, a bit of light music composition (I use it when I dj for parties and the occasional club), and a tiny bit of photoshop. My computer only has an i3-2330m processor, so it can't do much more than that. I have an external hard drive used for media such as music and videos, but I am hoping to load my applications faster. I primarily use Audacity, Fruity Loops, Traktor, Photoshop, Nuendo, Roxio Video Pad, SonyVegas Pro, Excel, Word, Access, little bit of Powerpoint and in the background I have AVG running. Pretty much, this thing is used mostly for my djing and school work, but I wanted to try and get faster speeds because sometimes things take forever. Also more battery life so I can do more work on the subway, if possible and the knowledge that my HDD is not spinning and there is a less chance of it being damaged (I do a lot of commuting).
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