Crossfire 2 4890 or upgrade?

So I currently have an XFX Radeon HD-4890 and the urge to upgrade somehow. I just wanted to know, would you plop about $230 for another 4890 and crossfire, wait until I accumulate more $$$ and upgrade to 5xxx series for some DX11 action. Or I could wait until 2011 for the 6000 series, and even at that, do you think the 6xxx series will be PCIe 3.0 or still 2.1?

If I wait for the 6000 series, I can buy something else ATM like a SSD or new powersuply.

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  1. You can get a used 4890 for ~$150. New 4890s cost about $190ish.

    There are people selling 4890s on this forum for as low as $130-$140.

    Two 4890s in Xfire will be very powerful. It will definitely last you until 2011.
  2. Depends on what you want. Do you want DX11?

    Also, what's your power supply?
  3. 630w raidmax PSU (came with the case). And do you think I will need DX11 before then?
  4. Depends on what games you want. DX11 is becoming much more adopted than DX10.
  5. If you are going to keep your current system past XMas 2011, I'd suggest you consider a DX11 card.....if you gonna build a new system by the end of 2011, I'd stick with Xfiring your existing card.

    If DX11 is going to have a significant impact, and we are all hoping it will, game devs will have had enough time to incorporate it from the early development stages in time for the XMas 2011 season.
  6. I think 630W is sufficent for CF 2x 4890, but on other side it is realy unnecessary to buy other graphic card, just lower some of game details for more FPS. Like in BF BC2 there is much to gain with medium settings, but you won`t notice difference in quality if you play on 24" or lower size monitor.
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