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I have a bad video card an XFX HD 4850 they want me to send it back and I will need another card in the meantime. What is a good card for a EVGA Classified motherboard and i7 920 I do not overclock. Just want to run call of duty.
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  1. As a temp card, look at something like a radeon 4650,4670 or geforce gt240, all good cheap cards, and will do until you get the 4850 back...
    or a better idea, get another 4850 for 100$ atm, and put it in CF with the other card when you get it back :D
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    Well I'd consider a HD 4850 since when you get the other one back, you could XFire them (assuming your MoBo is capable which the Classified ones I looked at were).

    Another thought would be to use a GT220 ($40) or better as the "temporary card" then as a dedicated PhysX card when your other card comes back enabling you to play games that make use of this technology. Will require Windows 7 and the technique described here:,8786.html

    Here's the $40 GT220 ($60 minus $20 MIR)

    Here's a video with and without PhysX

    and a THG article on what card to grab,2465-11.html

    You should consider a dedicated PhysX card if you want high resolution play (and you have a free PCI Express slot available on your motherboard).

    The good news here is that a GeForce GT 220 can be had for as little as $65 online, and as a dedicated PhysX card, it will guarantee that the High PhysX setting won't bottleneck performance. Even at 1920x1200, the GT 220 produced a minimum frame rate of 36 FPS as a dedicated PhysX card. Using more expensive solutions as dedicated PhysX processors didn't produce appreciably higher frame rates, so the GeForce GT 220 is a real PhysX champion for the price.

    Or....for $140, you could do both :)
  3. Well, for temp. use consider something cheap, like gt220, hd4650 (i think around $50-$60)

    But as JackNaylor said, you may also buy another 4850 and Xfire them when your card comes back;) (an 4850 would cost you $100 for the 512MB version, 115-120$ for 1GB ver.)
  4. 8800GT/ GTX they're kinda expensive though. I don't know why they are so expensive, its an older card. New 9000 series nvidias cost 100 bucks but these old ones cost 175 used. But they'll get the job done with call of duty everything on high. Heck the GTX can run crysis on high.
  5. make sure that if you're xfireing that your mboard can support 2 channels of x16 and not one x8 and the other x16 most motherboards will drop the width on one card.
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  7. I appreciate all the help. Really upset with this card thought I may just get a new EVGA GTS 250 1GB 256 DDR3 has anyone used that one? Its onsale with a free game. $154.00 OR should I stick with ATI
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