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Hi, I'm an architecture student and I need a new system for architectural rendering,technical drawing.... using 3d max(vray too), Autocad, Revit.....
After looking around a bit I came up with two:
Intel i7 930 &
Amd Phenom II X6 1090T
On the performance charts the i7's is a tad faster with 3dmax, but the 6cores are very tempting....
which one would serve my needs better?
I would appreciate the help!
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  1. Well, take a look at prices for motherboards and CPUs at the computer shop you intend to get the parts from. I would not spend much at all for the additional performance provided by the 930. Both are excellent CPUs though. How long do you intend to keep the computer for?
  2. I'm going to keep it at least two years, maybe more depending on it's performance.
    So which one do you think is more suitable for me?
  3. Get the Thuban, is cheaper overall and the 1366 platform is kinda hot. Also Intel announced new sockets that will replace the current ones.
  4. For keeping it for two years, I would get the phenom IIx4 965. Save about $120. You'd be down two cores but you'd save some money.

    If you really do need the power though, get the 1090t.
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