Remote Desktop - should be working but is not


I have been trying to set up the Windows XP Pro Remote Desktop Web Connection for most of the day.

I was able to use the Remote Desktop Connection from my laptop to the host PC on my local network with no problems, but I can not make the Web Connection work.

BTW. The only reason I want to do this is so I can access websites through the host PC from my laptop when I am not at home. There are certain sites I can only log into from my home IP address.

So if you know of some better solution(like some sort of webui for firefox) please let me know!!!

-Web Connection is installed
-Files are in my Windows/Web/TSWeb
-Terminal Services is running
-Ports are forwarded properly
-I even set up a port map in my router for the host PC
-Host PC is listening on 3389
-Firewall is disabled

I think for some reason IIS is not working or installed. I have found several tuts on how to install it but I have a strange problem.

All the tuts say that to install the web connection, put in the xp pro cd and add/remove components, under IIS->something is Remote Desktop Web Connection. For me it is just on the first page, nothing about IIS(SEE IMAGE). Also, IIS is not under administrative tools.

I have Win XP Pro SP3 integrated iso from either MS DreamSpark or though my MS Academic Alliance, can't recall which one at the moment but the point is that it is a integrated version of XP Pro from MS.

Please help and thanks in advance.
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  1. Forget RDP. Use - Free version
  2. I thought about that, my gf uses that on her iphone.

    I have been suggested to use a few others as well, opinions on what is best to use?

    Team Viewer

    Any others? I don't mind paying for something if it's worth it.
  3. Thank you very much for this useful information.
  4. The one feature I like about LogMeIn is that you don't have to forward any ports and you can access your computer from any computer with Internet access. No additional software required.
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