Gaming/Allround PC for 30"

Hi there, this is my first time around, so please bear with me.

I dont really have a prize range set in stone, I generally want to spend money when it's worth it, e.g. I don't want to pay 20% more for 5% more performance, I guess you get what I mean.

Right now I use a 30" that goes with a 22", but I might upgrade that to two 30" so keep that in mind please.
Anyways, here we go:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: as soon as possible BUDGET RANGE: I want to spend money on reasonably priced parts, but I want good quality and I dont want to have to replace it too soon. If you need a limit, no more than 2k$. (we don't really have rebates here in austria)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, occasional video rendering (camtasia off-the screen videos, so nothing fancy), occasional photoshop, general stuff

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: monitor, os, mouse, keyboard, headphone,

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: not really applicable anyways, so go with newegg COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: austria ( i know theres a german board, but you guys are way better, ldo)


OVERCLOCKING: maybe, not really experienced SLI OR CROSSFIRE: i assume it multiplies heat and thus noise? then rather not

MONITOR RESOLUTION: uh, I guess its 2560x1600 + 1680x1050, potentially 2560x1600*2

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: as quiet as possible, a subtle, smallish case would be preferred

So, thanks for anyone that stops by and helps, greatly appreciated. cheers!
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  1. CPU/RAM: i7-930 and G.Skill Pi 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $460
    Mobo: Asus P6X58D Premium $310
    GPU: HD 5970 $700
    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 1 TB $90
    PSU: OCZ Z Series 850W 80+ Gold $200
    Case: HAF 922 $80 after rebate
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $22
    HSF (if OC): Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus $35

    Total: $1,897
  2. how high will that OC stable?
    cus im getting the same cpu/ram/mobo/hsf
  3. thanks for the response.
    also, just a general inquiry really:
    I happened to catch a virus that crushed my system recently and it was a giant pain in the ass to backup some really important data (mostly an SQL db).
    Now, I'd rather not have to do that in the future and my idea basically is:
    get an SSD for OS, back it up regularily and have the data on a different HD or partition so that I can easily restore it whenever I happen to fck up again - would that work?
  4. I have no idea on how how you can OC it. I'm not an expert at overclocking. I've heard 4 GHz is possible, but your experience may vary.

    SSDs are just too expensive right now. You could just partition the single drive to have easy cleanup. Or you could get an external drive (or a second internal) and use it as a backup.
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