Need quick answer please...

Hey guys,

I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card in a dell dimension 4700 with the following specs.

I'm confused by all the different PCIe x 16, PCIe 2.1 x 16, PCIe 2.2 x 16...and not really sure what I need to be looking at to decide what card to get. It will be used mostly for web browsing, not gaming, but the current integrated graphics card does not go up to the max resolution on a 22" flat screen monitor (for parents)...and it drives me crazy when I have to do any work on it.

The reason I wanted to know tonight is because I can get a GeForce 9800 GT 512MB for $79.99 with a deal tonight...I'm not even sure it has the correct PCIe(whatever) that I would need...and I believe the PSU in this machine is only 305W.

I suspect this particular card is way overkill though, so if you guys have better suggestions that could max out the resolution for the 22" monitor, then I don't need the answer tonight.

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  1. Try this

    Be careful with the PSU, seems a bit on the weak side.
  2. if you are talking about this card

    it will work since that is the energy efficient model

    the regular 9800GT will not work though, it needs more power then your current PSU
  3. If you are not playing games and want to up your res cheaply:

    The Nvidia card that you referenced requires a 350w, 12amp powersupply.
  4. Any comments/clarification on which PCIe I need? Not sure if 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, or other???
  5. Makes absolutely no difference what so ever, so long as its a x16 slot.
  6. It seems that your motherboard has a PCIe 1.0 x16 slot, which is compatable with most modern cards including the ones referenced above. These cards are PCIe 2.0, but they are backwards compatible with your older motherboard.

    edit: ahh you beat me to it griff..
  7. Haha, you were a bit more in depth though :P.
  8. Oh, that's great then. Are most of these cards powered off the slot, or do I need to have a 6 pin connector?

    The card guggas suggested is definitely the front runner so far...aka, cheapest card that can do what i want it to. Am I all set with the 305W power supply with possibly no 6 pin connector?
  9. yes, they are powerd from the slot.
    The power requirements are not listed for the card I linked, but I think its safe to assume that the power requirements are less than the 9800GT.
  10. I think the 5570 is slot powered.
  11. I think the 5570 is probably a little more than I really am looking for...especially the price.

    I do appreciate all the info though. Thanks soooo much guys!
  12. Gosh dang it guys...I wanted to let my chick see that card before I got it and now the $10 mail-in rebate is gone.

    Is there a better value card now that the price is essentially $29.99 instead of $19.99?
  13. Here is one , with free shipping and rebate.

    You can use neweggs search engine to search for all video cards , say under a certain price.
    Then list by lowest. Thats what I did here. Then you find which they happen to be running a free shipping/and or rebate at the same time. This model has 80 stream processors vs 40 as the cheap one you were looking at , and is a generation newer.
  14. That looks like a decent card. Where are you guys finding what power supply it needs, or if it is run off the slot or needs a 6-pin?
  15. none of the cards you are looking at will require 6-pin power. I dont think you can get a card that requires 6-pin power unless you are in the $100 price range.
    When you are looking at a card, click the specifications tab on the right hand side, they typically list the specs and power requirements there.
  16. Hey Guggas,

    Ya, I have been looking at the specs tab, but I'm either blind or there isn't a power spec there. The card that notty22 recommended looks like a good deal. I found one that was a little cheaper with a $13 mail-in-rebate, but people were saying good luck trying to get the rebate.

    I think that I'll be going with the one notty22 picked out unless you guys have any objections or better suggestions.

    Again...thanks everyone for all your help. I love these forums!

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