Hey Guys,

I have a Dell XPS410 that I purchased back in 07. I've changed the graphics card to a GTX470 completed 4GB of Nvidia RAM and added a new PSU plus 3 fans. I still have the same Q6600 Processor overclocked to 3.0 I once wanted to put a thermaltek tower but any cooling tower would not fit properly in the BTX design it appears.

Recently I wanted to overclock my CPU past 3.0 and since I can't figure out a way to change the voltage on an intel motherboard (P965 express chipset) I have grown interested about changing my motherboard for a newer ATX type motherboard. (I would have to switch the Case of Course)

I can run every game (Metro/BC2 lol) perfectly with avg 45FPS but I want to upgrade for the future and remove those walls preventing me from better such as RAM, and a better CPU some day.

I want this so that I can not only continue with my current DDR2 Dual Channel Ram, CPU and GPU, but add another 4GB of RAM plus a Thermaltek tower for better cooling as well as being able to control the voltage in the Bios.

I would like to know if all of my current hardware would be able to do this transition without a problem from a BTX type case to a ATX type. Also I would like to ask for suggestions on mid size tower or full size. Motherboards with a range of $50 to $99USD (Cheap because any board will kick my current's behind easily) with a good versatile Bios for all the kinds of tweaking.

If you require any info, let me know!

Here's a Link to my main computer's specs:

This is also the first time I perform a major change on my PC (It's always been GPU,RAM,PSU,Fans...Easy Stuff)

Thank you so much for your help! :wahoo:
Q6600 2.4 @ 3.0 (G0)
GTX470 OC Edition w/ High Flow Plate
Windows Vista 64 Home Prem OEM
Nvidia Dual DDR2 RAM x4 1GB
PSU 650W
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  1. well, you might want to look at the antec 300
  2. the antec 300 is a good case, CM 690II for a few dollars more is also very good.

    switching out all your hardware should be fine once you get the ATX mobo, if you are using the DELL OS it may have an issue with a new mobo. I did something similar a while back but installed a new OS.
  3. Looks Like I got a Case. Antec 300 Looks good and lots of venting areas Plus my PSU has a fan on top and it will definitely use that vent on top which I'm sure was designed for that! Thanks guys!

    About the OS don't worry I have one I purchased myself. Thanks for going there though and covering everything.
  4. anything else?
    btw when u switch the mobo you will need to do a fresh install of windows.
    also, make sure that your new motherboard can support 8gb ram
  5. CM690II Advanced is better then the Antec 300.
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