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I been fiddling around with the bios setting in regards to overclocking the cpu. I found that with 40x multiplier on the turbo boost, i can set vcore voltage manually to 1.15v, and leaving everything else on auto, and is stable after the prime95 stress test, but when i set the multiplier to 41x, during stress test, there is a BSOD and i know that the voltage is probably not enough, leading to it. So once i found out my stable 40x at 1.15v, how do i set that in offset mode? and how do you find the stock vcore voltage?
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  1. What board do you have?
  2. asus p8z77 v-lk is the board im using atm
  3. You can usually get 4.3 or even 4.4 just with the multiplier change.What are you using for cooling?
  4. I do know that i can get more, im just asking about the offset voltage, so i can set it up so that when load, i will use around like the voltage required to be stable but then when not in load, back down to like the stock voltage.
  5. The best way to overclock is to eliminate a bulk of the variable. The more variables you have, the harder it will be to maximize your overclock.

    1. Start by writing all the stock parameters.
    2. Once you've done that, start increasing the base BCLK.
    3. Go until it can't go any further.
    4. Repeat for each additional value.
    5. Once you've done that you've figured out each max value.
    6. Write those new values down.
    7. Now start adjusting the voltage. Then raise the values until you can't go any further.
    8. Eventually after you've repeated this a lot you'll have a maximum overclock for your system.

    Keep in mind that some boards and cards don't go as high as you'd hope. Simply based on the component itself. So it is very important to ensure that you pay attention to the quality of parts you purchase.

    Asking for a voltage, may not work on your system but may work on another. As there are a lot of variables involved.

    Hopefully that helps.
  6. I hope your using an aftermarket cooling solution.
  7. As i said before, i am looking of a way to change voltage with offset mode, i already got my stable clock speed and everything, just that i wanna know how to instead of using manual voltage, instead use offset mode to change your voltage to the required manual voltage when under load, and back down to stock vcore voltage when idle. also i do have a water cooling push and pull already setup.
  8. Ok, did more overclock just now, set multipliers to 41, and did something with the offset, and got it to stable voltage, now the question is when 1600 a k a the speedster thing when idle, I'm getting around 1.00 volts, is that a stable voltage? How do we know if is stable during idle? Or the thing we have to worry about is when we are overclocking, meaning finding stable overclock voltage?
  9. Also, just want to know if these are good for 3570k. Idle voltage is 1.000v-1.008v (1.6ghz / speedstep), Under load (after 20~mins of prime95 + game running, im using 20minutes as avg torture test, since i do not have enough time for longer) is 1.168v (this is with offset mode, it was stable with 1.152 manual mode after 20minutes of prime95) at 4.1 ghz, (voltage is taken after 20minutes of prime95) also temperature of 62 on the hottest core/s (I do not plan on going over 65C).
  10. Personally I hate that variable voltage or offset voltage. I can't see why in the world anyone would want their PC throttling up and down and up and down just to save a little power or because they THINK they are saving their CPU when in reality they are causing it to stress even harder. It's much harder to achieve a substantial overclock when you have so many variables. This is my personal opinion though, and many others as well. But to me this is the best way to go.
  11. To be honest, if the CPU volt and idle volt, isn't a big difference, is better than running 1.2+ volts when u r not at home, and even tho it doesn't save much power, keeps ur CPU alive much longer, then running constant volt
  12. Sorry to jump on this late, but do you have an auto voltage mode? I just leave that on so it drops to .9V at idle and runs as high as 1.17 (might be 1.18) under prime95 at 4.1GHz. I was able to get 4.4Ghz at auto when I was messing around just to see what it could do.
  13. I manually set my negative offset volt, also, while using offset, is best to have LLC on as well with negative offset, or else voltage will drop too much during load, causing unstable system, try twenty five to fifty percent of LLC, if u r doing over 4.2 best to do LLC
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