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DDR3 6Gb Triple vs DDR3 8GB Dual

I plan on buying and assembling my new computer shortly after the release of sandy bridge, but I can't seem to decide on my memory. I can't decide wether its worth getting 6 GB of Triple channel ram, versus getting 8 GB of dual channel ram, and probably higher ghz.
I will be using the system for both gaming AND video editing - prosumer/eventually pro, but for now prosumer.


Gigabyte x58A UD3R Motherboard
Any GTX 470 ( Maybe a MSi or PNY 465 unlocked/flashed to 470 ) ( will sli later )
1 TB 7200 RPM
Core i7 950
H50/H70 Corsair Liquid Cooling
Yet to decide case + doesn't matter for what Im asking :P
Maybe an SSD later

Please Help, Im trying not too spend too much on the ram seeing as my budget is just slightly above 1000 at Highest.
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    you don't have a choice. your motherboard only supports triple channel ram (1366 socket). The 6GB of triple channel ram is 3x2GB chips...triple channel ram only comes in blocks of 3. If you want to go with dual channel ram you have to go with the 1156 motherboards (i7-860 or i5's). That ram comes in pairs (2x2GB = 4GB,2x4GB = 8GB or 4x2GB = 8GB). And if you're budget conscious skip watercooling. Also...the GTX570 is out now and they are ending production of the if you wait much longer you might just opt for the 570.
  2. Thanks mate :) Is it possible to get 8GB of Triple Channel?
  3. Satchel said:
    Thanks mate :) Is it possible to get 8GB of Triple Channel?

    8/3= 2.67GB per a stick - I don't think they make those

    Triple channel kits come in 3GB, 6GB, 12GB and 24GB sets

    6GB should be enough unless you want to disable the swap file on the hard drive.
  4. Alright, any recommendations for 12 GB Triple Channel Ram?

    Preferably under 200 or 180 and 1333 +
  5. Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 12GB Might be a good choice for me, Might even try some Corsair 6 x 2GB

    Thanks Guys
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  7. I have several servers at work that say otherwise. Dell sells their R710 servers with an option for 8/16/32/64GB of memory, which are installed in pairs. They don't even allow the use of the third channel in that model without dual power supplies.

    The Socket 1366 chips will operate in dual channel mode with 2 or 4 DIMMS, if they are installed correctly. To install them correctly, install them in only channels 1 and 2, leaving channel 3 unused.

    Granted, it isn't the best performance, but it is available.
  8. Just so you know sandy bridge will be socket 1155 not 1366.
  9. Oh yeah I didn't know what it would be but I knew it wouldn't be 1366, but I might not even get it and just wait for it to release and hope that previous i7's drop
  10. the R710 is a Xeon based system. totally different than a 1366 or 1155 chipset. Yes, you can run dual channel on a triple channel motherboard, but not the other way around. and it runs crappy.

    The Sandy Bridge socket is LGA 1155 and should be here Q1, 2011. They will replace the 1156 motherboards and be dual channel. Then in Q3 2011 the LGA 2011 socket should be realeased. This will be the successor to the 1366 socket.
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