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Hi there, I have an IOMEGA 320gb USB drive about 4 years old (so the internal interface may be IDE or SATA) and in pursuing another issue I accidently had this connected when using Ghost4linux to do a drive clone operation with this drive as the destination. I stopped the drive clone operation PDQ but of course some of the sectors have been corrupted. I have tried some disk fixing apps like Testdisk but that did not seem to fix anything. Looking at this drive under Win XP, it appears in the Disk Management area with 2 partitions (which I know is the layout of the source drive) but with zero capacity. Now I accept that I will have lost some data but the vast majority should be intact.

So is there anything else I could do please? One idea is to re-format and then recover using tools that discover the hidden files (did this before when I erased and formatted a disk).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You may try to use R-Undelete before re-formatting the disk. Its on-line help will show how to get your files back: Recover Lost Files from Deleted/Corrupted Logical Disks/Partitions.
    R-Undelete is a pay program but it allows you to estimate whether you can recover your files before buying it.

    OK thanks I will give that one a try.
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