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my pc is core i3 with 4gb ram 1 tb hardisk and the os before was windows 7 but recently i changed my os to windows xp and when i on my pc it always that press f2 to load defaults and everytime i press f2 my pc starts with default settings and the time changes everytime
please help me my antivirus has a wrong regestration date because of this please sir help me
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  1. It sounds like your motherboard battery, sometimes called the CMOS or BIOS battery, needs to be replaced.
  2. thanks bro i will try it
  3. i replaced it but not working
  4. khanhasim said:
    i replaced it but not working

    If you have a voltmeter, test the battery you have already installed. It should read around 3 volts.. if it's substantially lower than 3 volts, it may not work. If you have any doubts, buy another new CR2032 battery and make sure it's in closed packaging... but even so, some new BIOS batteries sold are already outdated and discharged, so test it's state of charge before installing it on the motherboard.

    Also check the BIOS jumper setting. If the jumper is on the BIOS reset pins it would reset the clock on every computer startup. To know which two pins the jumper has to be on, go to the motherboard manufacturer website and download a PDF manual that should indicate which two pins are for normal operation and which two pins are for resetting the BIOS.
  5. It sounds like your motherboard battery
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