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So I tryed to OC my 8150 to 4.4 and was succesfull and was stable. I tryed to see how far it could go and ended up getting a no - post. So after several attempts to try and reboot I decided to open up my compy and take out my H80i and see what the problem was. Turns out the theremal paist on the H80 was bad and hardend to the CPU. So when i tryed to pull out the H80i it took the CPU with it and seemed to bend some pins... ( I know im retarted or somthin right?) so I decided I need a new CPU now.

Before this durring the attempts to OC i had to reset my CMOS battery several times to get to the bios settings. So i think the MOBO is bad too, I am thinking of getting a new mobo and another 8150.

Do you guys think it was just the CPU or the mobo bad aswell?
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  1. for the extra £15 I'd get the 8350, was the cpu not locked into the socket that it pulled out, clearing the cmos should not damage the mobo but the cpu pulling out of the socket may have
  2. The CPU is amd3 and I always make sure the pin to lock it is down. So yes it was locked, ill be honest and say I did pull rather hard on the h80 to get it out, but I think that is what Meade up the CPU but I think the mobi was bad before that.
  3. Its really unfortunate that happened you just one of those things i guess, both the 8150 and 8350 are socket am3+ and for only £15 more the 8350 is a better performer, but hey go with whatever is right for your budget
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