How to link new ssd with OS(win7) to old HDD with games

Hey guys. So I just bought a new M4 SSD and installed windows 7 on it. I then reconnected old 2tb HDD. How do I link all my games to the new ssd so that they will run without reinstalling all of my games. Thanks.
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  1. Unless they are steam games you must reinstall them. Games make entries in the registry at install.

    If they are steam games you can delete everything in the steam folder except the game folder and steam.exe then run steam.exe and steam will reinstall itself. Then launch the games from in steam and it will take care of the setup stuff without really reinstalling.

    You will also need to recover your save games and move them to the appropriate folder on the SSD.

    if you have space you can use steam mover to swap the current games you are playing on and off the SSD/HD to get the SSD boost for games(after they are installed)
  2. Thanks for response. What about origin or other non-steam games? Is there a way to reinstall but keeping it on HDD?
  3. You can always pick a different harddrive as the install location for most software by doing an "advanced" install. I think you'd need to reinstall origin then you could change its install directory (the install directory is burried in the preferences somewhere)to where your current origin games are on the harddrive and it *might* see them and handle the install at launch like steam. I've never tried. You might do some Googling or maybe someone else will weigh in who knows more on the origin side.
  4. Awesome thanks unksol.
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