Will my PSU support these 2 items??

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  1. ok is there any more information you have to reassure me
  2. Nope! upon further review that power supply only delivers 375w.
    It's a good power supply built by CWT.
    But Thermaltake unscrupulously labels it as 500w.
    It will not deliver the power required to run your gpu and other components properly.
    Buy an Antec,Corsair,or even an OZC with at least 550w.
    Someone could correct me if i'm wrong pertaining to its ability to run your gpu problem free.
  3. So now you are saying it is only a 375 Watt? Can you tell me where you got this information
  4. Actually, it is worse than that. At normal operating temperature, it won't deliver that much power.

    It is also an obsolete design - note the voltage selector switch - without active PFC (google it).

    And while it might power your system, a Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail) - my favorite under 500 watt PSU -
    would reliably power your system.

    Another good budget choice is the Antec 500 watt BASIQ
  5. Yes, a PSU upgrade is highly recommended.

    Here you have some good options from Newegg:

    CORSAIR VX450 450W (by Seasonic)

    ANTEC EARTHWATTS 500W (by Delta Electronics)

    OCZ FATAL1TY 550W (by Sirtec)

    If you are thinking about doing SLI, these ones are quality PSUs for a very good price:

    ANTEC EarthWatts 650W (by Delta Electronics)

    SILVERSTONE OP-650 650W (by Impervio)

    CORSAIR VX550 550W (by CWT)
  6. jsc = Best Answer. That HardwareSecrets review is pretty damning of that fecal PSU.
    He also listed good alternatives. I like any of the new "D" model Antec Earthwatts (although even the older ones all reviewed well).
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