Is it my motherboard that failed?help

hello.. can anyone helped me .. here is my story, i accidentally clicked the sleep button instead of shutting it down, so my display gone off, so i decided to move my mouse knowing that it will wake it up but nothing happened, i saw my power button of my CPU is blinking so i decided to pushed it through but still my display is off but the CPU is running , the fans and even the hard drive is working, after 15-20 minutes i think, the display wake it up and then i properly shut it down. Now here is my problem, when i turned it on again, it took me 15-20 minutes before my CPU boots up even i restarted it still the same. (from normal booting now it became abnormal) so i decided to consulted here to asked for helped to know what is the problem of my computer, is it the motherboard? memory? or probably i got virus? please helped me.. thanks
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  1. Please list your system specs including the power supply. You may just need to reset the bios.
  2. well i just removed all the connections from the motherboard (memory, hard drive) as one of the forumer i have read and also clean my CPU... after 5 minutes.. i connect it again and start it, after which it boots normally i tried it thrice and then i think it backs to normal.. the next day i start my CPU to check if its back normally, it boots well and tried it again to on and turned if off.. but when i click the restart button, i encountered the same problem, it took 5-10 minutes before it starts..

    now i encountered a new problem.. i played AIKO global (online games) while I leveling up my character, it hanged on, i tried to pushed control alt delete, alt tab or even escape to think it will returned to windows but nothing happened. it happened twice, i have no choice but to hold down the power button of my CPU to turned it off.. after which i tried to opened it again and from the booting up to the windows, it doubles the letters, the icons and even the mouse not working properly.. and then the display turned blue and said "error has occur...." and automatically turned the display off fast that's why i don't even read the error fast.. but the CPU is working...
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