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I am using acer wntenza 4630z laptop and it is very poor in gaming.Have i got any posiible chance to upgarde my graphic card as it is using intergated intel x4500mhd.I like to have a nVidia card and can i upgrade it or is there any other way to use such as externel VGA.??????
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  1. Almost as a rule, you can't upgrade laptop graphics.
    The only option that I'm aware of is the ViDock:

    Tom's did an article on this product in 2008. My understanding is that the Expresscard interface speed has doubled since then; 3D performance should be better than Tom's found in '08.

    Unfortunately, your notebook has the older PC card slot, so this isn't even an option.

    Looks like you're out of luck, sorry. :(
  2. laptop graphics update = sell and buy a laptop with updated graphics. laptops are mobile devices and because of this they make everything small and integrated. This makes they either very expensive or impossible to upgrade.

    This is why most gamers prefer a PC, and keep a cheap laptop to stay mobile.
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