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I am thinking of building a new PC that is future-proof and expandable. Here is a list of components, though i am not sure if i should wait for the new MSI 890fx board or go with the 790fx and get the other one later on.

HAF 932
AMD BE 955 or 965 cpu
self-contained liquid cooling for cpu
msi HAWK 5770 (CFX later on)
4gb 1600 g.skill or corsair
the msi 790fx-gd70
1tb HD
optical drive
good 1080p monitor, mouse, n keyboard
corsair psu (cant decide what wattage yet but newegg had the high quality 750w running the hexacore intel and 2 5870s no sweat)

- around $1.5k

let me know what you think, what i should wait for, and if this is a good performance-$ ratio.
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    Gaming performance with a 5770 at 1080p isn't going to be that great. You would have better results with a 5850 or 5870.

    Of course if you're not planning on gaming, then that doesn't matter as much.
  2. i am planning on gaming, the fps on the oc'd hawk 5770 are plenty enough for me until i crossfire unless the monitor is larger than 1080p
    but yeah i was looking at a 5850 or maybe a 5830, if someone can push me one way or another depending on how they match up to a 20% oc'd 5770 for the money
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    First, dont bother with liquid cooling. It's a waste for the 965, which runs damn cool.

    Go with the HAF 922, its cheaper and is a great, roomy case. Fits any reasonable HSF (get the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus). Also, go with the 965, what's another 20 bucks? G. Skill is excellent RAM, and works well with AMD builds. I also recommend Mushkin. ASUS monitors are good bang for the buck, but dont expect perfection. For the mobo, the ASUs Crosshair III is phenomenal. I wish I would have done more research that way when I bought my 790X. You can defintitely fit a 5870 into that budget, and crossfire a year from now and still play anything at 1920. ANYTHING. Well thats all I got. Good luck!
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