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I am getting ready to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit and am going to upgrade my graphics card at the same time. I am looking for some help determining what to get. I do not play games; I would just like to get rid of the graphics bottleneck on my system to speed it up. So I am looking for something fairly inexpensive but enough of an improvement to remove the bottleneck. I have the following system.

Vista home premium
945GCT-M V1.0 motherboard
E4500 2.20GHz Core 2 Duo
Built in Intel GMA950 graphics
2 PCI express x16 (orange and blue x4)

Windows performance is
CPU = 5.1
Memory = 4.8
Graphics = 2.0
Gaming Graphics = 2.6
Hard Disk = 5.7
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  1. Well, you'll want a low power card as you really don't need much if not gaming. Your integrated might do ok, but if you want to upgrade I'd suggest going in the 4650/4670 or 5570 range (or NVidia equivalent such as 9600GT).

    Here are some links that may help:,2569-2.html,2569-6.html
  2. The manual for my motherboard showes two PCI express slots. Which one do I want to use.

    1 x PCI Express x16 slot (Orange)
    1 x PCI Express x16 slot (Blue @ x4 bandwidth)
  3. The first (orange) one. It operates at x16. The second slot is limited as it is electrically only 4x. For one of the mid-low range cards I listed above, either would probably work, but there is no reason not to use the full speed slot, so use it (the orange slot).
  4. You want to use the orange slot. The second one will fit any pcix16 card but only run at a quarter speed. And if you don't want to game, I would suggest even less than the 4650. It's about $40-50, but if you don't need the power, don't pay for it. The 4350 will do fine for non-gaming needs.
  5. If you do want to spend 15 or 20 dollars more, though, the 4650 would be way better, but unless you game you probably wouldn't notice the difference.
  6. Yep, just for reference a 4650 DDR3 scores 6.6 in Graphics and Gaming Graphics in Windows 7.
  7. Will I see a difference between the built in (existing gma950) vs the 4650 or the 4350?
  8. Undoubtedly! Both of those cards are miles ahead of intel's junk. And the 4650 is a ways beyond the 4350, so it just depends on how much power you want. They will both be fine for non-gaming purposes, but the 4650 is way, way better playing games than the 4350.
  9. That looks like a great idea! I wonder why I didn't see that...
    If I were you, I'd definitely get that.
  10. I just noticed it only has a 64-bit memory interface, which is probably a bottleneck and it will run slower.
    I would still get it cause its cheap.
  11. themcnabs said:

    Anyone, Is this worth the extra couple bucks and will it work in my system?
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