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Hello, I'm currently new to this forum. I have decided it's about time for me to get a new graphics card. I have done a few research and have ended up between two choices for my Dell Dimension c521: Nvidia GT 220 (low profile) and the ATI Radeon 6450 (low profile). I need your guys help in determining which one is a better pick (or any other video card suggestions). I'm a person who do frequent gaming, TF2 currently, and I plan on trying out CodMW2, and so on. It's not a MUST for a game to be in complete HIGH settings. Low - med settings will be good enough.

Reasons I have picked the GT220 (low profile) is because mainly it requires a MIN. of 300W, and according to my researches, it's safe for my 280W PSU.

Now for the Radeon 4650, it requires a unbelievable amount of a MIN. of 400W(?) of PSU BUT, I have read that in some cases, such in reviews in and google, people have gotten their card to work with their Dell C521 (Same model of mine). I believe this is significantly much better than the GT220. I'm just afraid that once it's shipped to my home, It will not be able to work, because of my current PSU wattage.

My current PSU is on 280W, and I'm using a VGA port, with a slimline tower My budget in spending is only $100. More of my computer details can be found here:

I will appreciate any support in choosing a which of the two video card, any suggestions.
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  1. well i dont like either they both suck but you are very limited by low profile but your in luck they have a 9800GT low profile this card will rock any game you throw at it at max settings. Now it doesn't have a recommendation for power supply but i ran it on a 300watt power supply and it was fine but it might be too much for a 280 watt. So for that reason i am gonna scale it down I would say your best choice with your power situation but dont want to sacrafice performace too much a 9600GT has your name written all over it. It is a very low powered card needs a 300 watt PSU so you are good with your 280.

    9600 GT


    Probably too much power.
  2. both of those card are... well... sad when it come to any modern game. Upgrade your PSU >_>
  3. Another option you may want to consider is the HD5570. It's about twice as fast as an HD4650 and quite a bit faster than the HD4670, requires FAR less power than a 9600GT or 9800GT, is only about 10-15% slower than a 9600GT/GT240, and comes in low profile. You can find them for about $75-$85. Plus you get DX11 and full bitstreaming of Dolby TrueHD or DTS-MA...if you want those features. Oh, and the HD4650 does NOT need a 400W PSU. I'd say the the 4650/4670 and the 5570 can be run on 280W PSUs quite easily based on my experience with them.
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