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I have a Gigabyte K8 Triton nForce 4 SLI series motherboard (GA-K8N-SLI)with an AMD Athlon 64 chip installed, wanting to replace it with an AMD Opteron X2 series chip. Can anyone help me to why I cant get the newer chip working? Maybe incompatible? Its the right socket and from what I know it should work. Do I need a BIOS update maybe? When I put the new CPU in, i press the power button and the fans spin for half a second then nothing, does not boot.

Anyone who can give me some help, would be much appreciated.


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  1. Which opteron X2 are you trying to use? Your board only appears to support 3 of them, try flashing your bios to the newest version, that will give you the best chance for compatibility.
  2. I know my A8R-MVP board supports some Opteron chips, but only with a newer bios. (handles all the x2 chips with the default one.) I highly suggest making sure the chip you have is one of the three, and then updating the bios so you can use it.
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