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Just looking for some decent and valid opinions. I am considering upgrading my GTX 260 core216 to something newer, mainly to pass it on to my sons system, and pass his old 9800 gt to mom. I was originally planning on going to two gtx 260's in SLI, but the price for two 5770's are almost the same as buying another 260/275...What other viable options are out there? Should I go crossfire or stay with my current 260 and just add another nvidia card for SLI?

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  1. well, depends. If your an Nvidia fan, wait to see what comes of the fermi. If you want the best card atm, go for a 5830/5850/5870. All of those are upgrades to the the 260.

    5830 about 275 performance
    5850 about 285 performance
    5870 about 295 performance

    All have DX11, and run cooler/draw less power than the Nvidia cards listed
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    I'd normally recommend waiting for Fermi to see what your options are, but seeing as Fermi hasn't been anything but a disappointment, the only reasonable upgrades from the GTX260 are the HD5850, HD5870, and the HD5970. The 5850 is perhaps the best option if you don't have a strong power supply. The 5870 is even better and doesn't demand much more power. The 5970 is if you want the best card available today. Other than those, SLI'ing your GTX260 will be the next best thing as long as you have the power to run them. There have been a few of them on eBay running around for $130-$150.,2544-7.html

    Take a look at the hierarchy chart. You always want to upgrade at least two tiers.
  3. If you can, wait for Fermi. Not for the Fermi card, but the probable price cuts with ATI cards. :D
  4. amnotanoobie said:
    If you can, wait for Fermi. Not for the Fermi card, but the probable price cuts with ATI cards. :D

    It's a good advice. The 5850 could get a very interesting price if you wait a little.
  5. Thanks for all the inputs, I think I might wait a bit longer to see where the fermi price hits...maybe a 5850 will drop below 300...wishful thinking. Power is no issue, my Alienware box came with a 1kW PS. TigerDirect was doing a 15% Bing cash-back as of last night and saving 50 on two 5770's sounded good...maybe not.
  6. Who is w8ing is missing real fun, I would go for SLI 2x GTX260.
    Fermi will be so nasty HOT and POWER hungry, so it will be bad investment until fourth revision hits the stores. Yes 1. and 2. revision were crappy, now 3. is coming in stores but only limited "5000 pieces".
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