HP Officejet series 6110 as a network printer

Hello,is there a way of using this printer as a network printer without connecting it to a computer? Is there a different device I could use for that. I no longer have a desktop available.
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  1. As Gandalf suggests, you could use a print server. However, most print servers will ONLY support basic printing. All those other AIO (All In One) features supported by your 6110 will be unavailable. Even HP's own JetDirect 175X Print Server only supports basic printing. So you can imagine how unlikely it is that any third party print server will do better.

    That's the problem when trying to use print servers. Besides the usual compatibility issues (not all print servers will work w/ all printers), they're a less than ideal fit for AIO machines, which seem to be more and more popular.

    The only other suggestion I could make is perhaps using a network USB hub. Here again it won’t work with all USB devices. But if it does, it will more likely support ALL your AIO features. These tend to be a bit expense too. Even so, I’d probably consider this before a printer server when dealing w/ an AIO.


    So if you really need networking capability, esp. w/ AIO printers, you need to stop buying non-networked (USB only) machines. Otherwise, you may regret it later.
  2. Yeah, a print server would probably be your best bet; and if you shop around you can get a decent deal on one since there are quite a bit out on the market now; heres one on newegg for $54 made by Asus; also works as a wireless router.

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