I bought two Sticks of two gigabyte working by 2000MGH when I turn the computer I see in the bios that they are working on less MGH how I can use all they could?
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  1. What make and model of motherboard are you using? Also, even if you set your memory to that speed (in the BIOS), you may make the system unstable and unusable as a result. When you use memory that is rated for higher speeds than the standard (1333), you essentially are overclocking your memory to take advantage of that higher speed rating. Overclocking memory actually provides less of a performance increase than many users expect.

    Please clarify the info regarding your motherboard and I am sure we can help.
  2. ^+1

    Assuming you're running an i7 or similar, these procs are only rated for 1333 MHz. After that you're in warranty voiding territory for your processor. The performance gains are nominal outside of synthetic benchmarks and ePeen enhancement.

    Another question, what kind of RAM did you get? Model? Manufacturer?
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