ATI 5730 vs GTX260M

I'm in the market to buy a new laptop. The laptop is for school use, but I also want to have an above average machine to game ocassionally.

It basically comes down to the 5730 vs the GTX 260M. I'm certain that the 260M is the better of the two. But, how much better?

Which machine is better?

Asus N61JQ


Asus G71GX
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  1. I would say they are roughly the same performance wise. Just looked up the specs on both mobile gpus, the gtx 260m is roughly half a 260 and the 5730 is roughly half a 4870. The only real difference is the 5730 is pretty heavily underclocked, I'm actually not sure if it's possible to overclock at mobile gpu. But if it is then definitly the 5730, is it's based on 40nm and dx 11 so it'll save power, and dx capable. But on the other hand if you can't then might be more of a decision, the 260m will provide quite a bit more power, possibly 20-30% more, but at a higher drain on your battery, and no dx 11 of course
  2. thanks for your reply.

    I was sure the 260M was the better of the two. However, it is lacking in the DX department.

    I also like the point you made, that the 5730 is 40nm, it is quite energy efficient, which I like.
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