My Experiences with Eyefinity on the cheap

So, I dove in and got 2 additional monitors to compliment my current single monitor setup. Hooking up the 5850 to a DP-VGA plus 2 more DVI-VGA connections worked well out of the box. Something happened that caused the DP to get locked into 640x320, but after fooling around with it i managed to get all the resolutions into 1280x1024 and then group them into a single screen.

Firstly, eyefinity is amazing. I think 3 5:4 monitors is PERFECT. 16:10 to me is just way too wide, and it wouldn't even fit on my desk. The bezel management was also fantastic, it added like 60 pixels or something, so the resolution was 4060x1024 or something which the bezel management did it's magic to make it fit correclty int he 3840x1024 native monitor resolutions.

The good:

Left for Dead: Worked perfect. Even the loading screens were properly scaled, and the background images spaned the entire view.
Dirt 2: Worked perfect. All their cutscenes and menus are all in the 3d environment, so you just saw more of your trailer and the maps. Was really awesome.
Crysis: Worked mostly ok, the menus bled into the bevels a bit but it didn't look too bad.
MechWarrior:LEgends: Just a crysis mod so of course it would work, but just had to point out this game is so much better with the eyefinity setup.

But, it's not without problems:
1) Startrek online: The transition images are all stretched. Would have been better to just figure out that you're in an extra wide display with a 3:1 ratio, so use the center third of the screen to draw the image.
2) Dragon Age:origins: Since it detects a wide screen, it assumes the center screen is a 16:9 or 16:10 display, which is BAD because on a 5:4 setup, it looks not so good, and in fact, the dialog screens are all mangled because the bezel management makes the dialog choices appear 'over' the text boxes, so the text is obscured. That's a really big bummer.

I'm very sad about DA:O. I wanted to dig into that, and really be immersed with the eyefinity setup, but I guess I'll either play it on a single monitor, or just live with the display problem, but normally I'd say that you don't notice the bezels while playing, but when the text is being obscured by it,'s a problem.

Anyways, that's my adventure! I got 2 additonal monitors for $170 shipped, and they're friggin fantastic. Even with the problems, the eyefinity is just fabulous. Going to be hard to go without it if I ever do.

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  1. Thanks for your (mini)review ;)
    I hope newer drivers will fix those issues with other games for you
  2. Hold the phone did you just say MechWarrior Legends Crysis mod, how come i never heard of this. I spent like 2 years of my life at least playing Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance.

    Is this mod good and is it for Crysis or Crysis warhead
  3. MW:LL is fantastic. And I'm running it under Crysis, but I believe it also runs under Crysis warhead (it's just a mod for the Cry2 engine).

    You just log into the crysis online thing (managed by gamespot) and find a game.

    As far as Dragon Age, I see a few people commenting on the 5:4 eyefinity problems so yes, I hope they release a driver now.

    With all the press about the 1920x1200 setups, I just can't understand how people FIT that on their desks. PLUS, i think the 1280x1024 setups is PERFECT for 5850 class, I can run Dirt2 maxxed out (dx11 even) but crysis (that pig) i need to reduce the settings to medium. but still looks good, and the gameplay is fun.

    The other thing i think is good about the 5:4 is that the ratio to hieght to width I think is more natural. those wide screens are really friggin wide.

    EDIT: Just looked it up. There's significant differences between Crysis and Warhead's network code, so no, it's Crysis only.

    Look in your bargain bins.
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