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The thing is that my computer has 4 GB RAM. These 4 GB are reduced to 3.5 GB
This is because i have two graphic cards: One is integrated in the motherboard, and the other one is an external PCI-E one (Both nvidia)
I set a setting in the BIOS for something like "Hybrid SLI mode" which forces me to select an amount of RAM to be assigned to the cards teaming. This can go from 128 MB (If i remember properly) to 512 MB - I chose 512 Mb
The first question is: Is this correctly chosen?
The second thing is that the RAM i have is divied in two banks of 2 Gb each, but one is 667 Mhz and the other 800Mhz.... having both of them reduced to the lowest, which is 667 Mhz.
My second question is: Would it be better if i keep the 800 Mhz memory, even though my RAM amount woulb be reduced to 2 Gb or 1.5Gb with the setting i commented before?
The main use i give to the computer is HD movies playback via the PCI-express card.... via HDMI to a 32" screen.... so i think here the amount of memory in the video card would be more important than the amount of RAM memory, wouldn't it?
Well, any advice/recommendation you can give me would be really appreciated.
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  1. 4gb of 667 is better than 2gb of 800mhz ram.

    Not sure about "hybrid sli", but you should tell us what motherboard and chipset you have and what graphics card. You may be better off with just the graphics card and turning off the onboard graphics.

    Are you sure your not limited to 3.5gb by your operating system? If you don't have 64 bit OS, your limited to 3.5gb automatically.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    The reason for having both cards enabled is that the onboard one which is less powerful, outputs its image to a 21'' screen, which i use for reading mail and so.
    The External PCI-e card is more powerful and has 1 Gb RAM (I purchased it 2 months ago) If i remember well its a nVidia GT 240 with HDMI Output: I use this one for video output - it is way better than the onboard one....

    About the system: The one i use is Arch LINUX 64 Bit, so, im pretty sure it does not limit anything :P

    Later, when im back at home, i will check the motherboard model and post it here.
    Thanks! :hello:
  3. So your saying you have 2 monitors? idea what your talking about.

    You don't need onboard video to run 2 monitors, your 240 has 3 video outputs.

    Hybrid SLI is used to increase the performance of your pci-e card by adding the power of the integrated gpu, but this doesn't work if your using the integrated gpu for 1 monitor and the pci-e card for another monitor.
  4. You mean, plug both to the same card.... i did not think about it.....
    Will that decrease the performance of the big screen used for HD movies?
  5. It should increase performance because you'll be using the hybrid sli feature.
  6. So, using the onboard card only for "thinking" and not for video ouput?

    I will definitely give it a try this weekend.

  7. When you select Hybrid SLI in the bios, it combines the power of the onboard graphics process with the power of the standalone video card.
  8. So, instead of just disabling the internal card, i just change the 21" screen to the PCI-E card, keeping as well its HDMI output coected to the 32" tv... got it!!!
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