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hey ppl i came across a site which like lets u build ur pc online n tells u if the parts r compatible.. but the thing is my 7yr old laptop died a few weeks back n i had it saved on i need to build a desktop so if u can provide me with such a website..
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  1. I don't know of what website you're talking about. If you post and provide all the information in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky at the top of the forum we can build you a system optimized for your intended use and budget. We could do a lot better than an automated website.
  2. Right here. Post according to the guidelines in my signature, and what parts you are considering and we can tweak it for you.

    There are some "custom" vendors that allow you very detailed choices, but I haven't seen one that offers the ease and expertise of just asking here on the forums.
  3. ok i have amd phenom II 965 140w,M4A7TD-V EVO and a coolmaster 460W psu whats the best gfx card that i can go for??
  4. What's your budget? What are you wanting to do with the system? That's why MadAdmiral and I suggested posting using the format in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky. We can't really help without some basic information.

    Based strictly on the "best" GPU as you put it, that would be the 5970. That's assuming it will fit in your case.
  5. And that the PSU will run it, which it won't. I would highly recommend investing in a good PSU. Coolermasters are pretty much crap.
  6. i just wanted to knw which is the best gfx card that my psu will support?
  7. And again, we really need to know more (the case, age of the PSU, resolution of the monitor, etc). The guidelines are there for a reason.

    It's likely that the best GPU you can run is the HD 5850. If that's the best choice for what you want to spend or what you're doing, we have no idea until you follow the guidelines.
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