Water cooling a Radeon HD6990 & corei7980x on a Silverstone TJ09

:hello: Hello, I'm new to building pc and specially water cooling, to be honest I wasn't event the one who put my PC together, I was given a MOBO as a gift and from that mobo i started buying the rest of the pieces I was on a budget so most of the parts i bought were used.

Everything else were simple enough except for the Video card I bought which was a used Radeon HD 6990 it came with an EK water block that was already installed so I decided to do water cooling, cause i also heard that the stock fan was really loud so it seemed like the best option.

So I was wondering what water cooling equipment would be the best to cool it with i do prefer everything to be internal, i was thinking about buying a Silverstone radiator bracket so i can put a radiator on the top part of the case, however i am having trouble figuring out which radiator will fit in my case can i only put a dual 120mm fan in it or can i go as far as a triple fan? also i don't know how thick it should be and would different thickness fit on that bracket? I am looking for the best internal radiator that can cool my Radeon HD 6990 and possibly my core i7 980x CPU.

I am also looking to upgrade my reservoir to a drive bay one maybe dual and of course the pump if any of you have any good suggestions for that as well I would appreciate it.

This PC will be mainly used for Gaming also to let you know what I'm working with here is a list of what i have in my rig:

CPU: core i7 980x
GPU: Radeon HD 6990 with ek waterblock
Chassis: Silverstone TJ09
MOBO: MSI bigbang xpower I
PSU: Seasonic 1000w Platinum
DDR: Gskill Sniper gaming 1866 2x8gb

(Recently purchased Heatkiller rev 3.0 CPU water block)

PS I got a hand me down radiator, reservoir and pump cause i wanted to get the PC up and running already (i was excited lol :bounce: ). I think its a thermal take single 120mm fan radiator and a small reservoir and pump, its not enough to cool down my video card cause when I play games it goes up to 90 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Heres what im currently looking at:

    -Swiftech Maelstrom 5.25 bay (if I do get this one should i be ok with just one pump to cool down my Radeon 6990 and core i7 980x?)

    - for Radiator manofchalk suggested XSPC EX series (still dont know if i can get a triple or just a dual fan radiator to fit in my case, also should i worry about thickness)

    - no idea about good pumps to go with reservoir
  2. Have you read through the watercooling sticky?
  3. rubix_1011 said:
    Have you read through the watercooling sticky?

    haven't had the chance to read all of it i read the part about the TDP so i figured my combined TDP is about 680 to 700 for the Radeon 6990 and the core i7 980x still trying to understand that part about how incorporate calculating what radiators can cool down that amount of tdp that skinnelabs are mostly triple rads how do i calculate what will work with that amount of tdp on a dual rad?
  4. There is a calculation in the sticky that allows you to estimate how much a radiator of given dimensions can dissipate on average. From what I have seen, the 6990 at stock speeds has a TDP between 350-425w depending on where you look. At best estimate, even if you have a heavily overclocked i7 980x, you are still looking at around another 150-200w to be very generous.

    A very good 360 (3x120mm) rad would be a decent place to start, along with some good fans. I'd recommend more radiator space if you can afford it, or stick to lower or stock clock speeds. At stock CPU+GPU, you'd likely be fine with a good 360 by itself...overclocking, consider more. You can utilize multiple radiators to add up to the cooling potential you'd need if you can't fit a single 360.
  5. thank you and yes I dont mind going 360 its only a matter of will it fit my case, that is also one thing I want to find out. I really want to keep things simple not really sure if multiple rads is the way i want to go it, but ill take that into consideration as a last resort maybe if i cant fit in a 360.

    Can you recommend a good quality fan? and again thanks rubix :)
  6. Fans to get depends on the rad, if you get a thick high FPI rad, then you need quite strong fans to get the rads full potential. If your running slim low FPI rads (like the EX series I recommended) then fan performance doesn't matter as much.
    Good strong fans to get are Noctua NF-F12's, Scythe Gentle Typhoons and Silverstone Air Penetrators. If you go the slim rad option, then something like the XSPC Xinrullian 1650 would be a decent option.

    From the looks of the case, you wont be able to get a 360mm in there without modding or external mounting.
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