Very different temps from CPU cores

Re-posted from CPUs & Components because no help was given.

I have an i3 3225 and my temps for each core are vastly different.

core 0 is usually idling at 35-38 while core 1 stays between 23-26.

Core 0 spikes up to 43 when doing something simply like opening a program (like Steam or Itunes) while core 1 stays between 25-30 the whole time.

Under full load, core 0 stays right at 49-50 and core 1 tops out at 38-41. (tested with Skyrim)

Using the stock cooler re-pasted with Antec formula 7.

This there any reason for this?

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  1. What's the usage of each core when you get those readings? Not that it would make a huge difference because they are so close together on the die, but just wondering.
  2. Core 0 is the first to be used if you start a programs so it'll be a little hotter in single threaded applications (however not by much)

    As long as you stay in the safe range (105 Celcius max and i'd say 90 for 24/7) you should be ok so don't bother about those low temps as the stock cooler isn't that good...

    Does all 4 pins are clipped correctly (did you hear that "click" when pushing on ??)
  3. Use prime95 to test it instead of skyrim. This will show your maximum temps your cores can go
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