E7200 vs Athlon II X3 440

I´m currently running Core 2 duo e7200 with 2gb of DDR2-800 ram and Geforce 8800GT. I´m a bit dissatisfied with my rigs performance. The biggest annoyance is slow rendering speed with 3d art, but extra gaming power wouldn´t hurt either.

I would really want to get Core i5-750 with 8gb of ram and Radeon 5850, but can´t afford them.

Since Athlon II X3 440 is getting a lot of praise in Tom´s articles, i think i might need to set my sights lower and consider following update:

Asus M4A77T
AMD Athlon II X3 440
2X2GB DDR3 1333MHz

The thing that bugs me though, is that in monthly best gaming CPU articles E7500 is ranked higher than X3 440 and E7200 is not in the CPU charts. So, what do you guys think? Would switching E7200 to X3 440 offer significant performance boost or should i just wait for better times and i5-750?
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  1. Comparison:


    The Athlon II 635 would be better here it is against the $170 Q8400 (if you keep the 775 platform) and it fares pretty well.


    Maybe get a cheaper mobo like the MSI 770-G45 and only 2G of RAM for a better CPU.
  2. I would wait till you can get a better upgrade as its alot to get for a small increase.
  3. You could overclock it. The E7x00 wolfdale cores overclock very nicely. (1GHz OC isn't difficult)
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