Should I change out my fans???

Hi all!

So I have the Coolermaster Haf X full tower case and ALL the fans are 3 pin fans, my MOBO (Asus Sabertooth z77) only has 4 pin connections. I already have spent a decent penny on this build i7-3770K, water cooler, SSD, etc. So if I need to replace the fans I won't be all that bothered but I want to be able to have the fans be controlled by the system.

So would you all recommend that I switch out the fans for 4 pin fans?

If yes and suggestions on good 4 pin fans?? i have:

1 X 230mm front fan
2 x 200mm top fans
1 X 200mm side fan
1 X 140mm rear fan (This spot is going to be occupied by a corsair h80i)

Thanks for your help!
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  1. From what i read you can use a 3 pin on the 4 pin on the mobo:
  2. Ya I know they can be used with 4 pins but its also sounds like I will lose my fan control which is what I would like to avoid. If I want to keep control of my fans should I just pick up 4 pin fans?
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