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Hello, I've oc'd my i5 3570k in Jan to 4.5ghz at 1.200v and ran prime for 8 hours, all was stable using a evo 212 max temps around 75c. Figured I could go higher and lower earlier this month to 4.8 and tried a lower voltage, it was unstable obviously so I went back to 4.5, and didn't run tests. Decided I'd check out the rpm on my evo's fan cause I want to replace it with a cougar fan push and pull set up, and ran prime today, after 3 hours worker 2 failed with a fatal error. Could the previous attempt at 4.8 screw up my 4.5 stable clock?
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  1. I bumped it up to 1.205 running blend with 90% memory load. I'll post results later been running for awhile.
  2. after testing I'm convinced my oc is stable, was hoping for a reply for a second oppinion on the whole error issue, I stressed the hell out of my cpu and no errors found. seems stable. going to run memtest tomorrow and blend again when I sleep. Anyways if anyone wants to answer on the whole error issue thanks in advance. I think all is well in my cpu world for now.
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