What to do regarding my mini PC

I'll be blunt with this:

My main PC houses a GTX 280 XXX which is brill
My mini LAN PC has no graphics card currently, i'm waiting for Fermi to be released so i can get my grubby mits on a 480
When i get the 480, the plan is to put the 280 in the mini LAN PC

But considering that DX11 is becoming popular, might it be a good idea to sell the 280 to help contribute to a 470?
BTW my mini LAN PC can take full length 10.5" cards.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Are you gaming on your "mini lan" pc? When you say "mini lan" do you take it to lan parties? The GTX 280 is still a good card and DX11 isn't really ramped up yet, you still have a long way until most games support it. DX10 still looks great.

    Or wait I just noticed you said help contribute to a 470. Do you mean that the 470 would go in the "mini lan" pc? If so, i would just stay with the 280.
  2. Fair do's i'll stick with the 280 then. Maybe get a 4 series when they get out a 460/450 perhaps?

    And yes i am gaming on the mini LAN PC.
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