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My computer won't turn on? Onboard power on switch flashing?

Just put together a new build but when I tried turning it on nothing happened, cpu fan didn't even spin.

System specs
i7 950
Asus p6x58d-e
Asus gtx 470
6GB 3X2GB 1600Mhz corsair

The motherboard onboard power on switch is flashing red and emitting beeps.
I've tried resetting it without gtx 470 and took it apart and back together again but its always the exact same thing.
And I tried it without the 4pin 12v plugged in and its the same thing too, so is it the motherboard or psu?
Manual doesn't say anything about the power switch flashing.

Thanks for your help
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    Your post suggests that you have one or more of the following problems:

    1. Bad RAM
    2. Bad PSU
    3. Bad mobo
    4. short to ground

    The first thing you should try is breadboarding your system. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Remove everything from the case.
    2. Put mobo on a phone book, or other non-conductive surface.
    3. Install ONE RAM stick.
    4. Connect PSU (both the 24-pin and 4/8-pin CPU).
    5. Jump the PWR_SW pins on the mobo using a flathead screwdriver.

    Do you still hear the beeps? Has anything changed?

    If no beeps, turn off the system by flipping the PSU switch, and then install your GPU. Don't forget the 6/8-pin supplemental power connector. Turn on the switch to the PSU and jump the PWR_SW again.

    If no changes or no display, turn off and change out the ONE RAM stick for another ONE. Turn on and try again. If still nothing, change the RAM to the last stick.
  2. right I'll try that now, just after trying a different psu, non branded 750w. it did a bit better, the cpu fan spun round a few times and then stopped and there is a continuous red light from the onboard switch now.

    I'll let you know how I get on
  3. got it running perfectly outside of the case, is the case shorting it. Motherboard didn't come with any of those stand off screws.
    Any way to solve this?
  4. Typically, the standoffs come with the case. Also, some cases do not require them.
    If your case has ~1/8" lumps with threaded holes, you would mount your mobo directly into the case, using the lumps as the standoffs. If this does not describe your case, go pick up some at a local computer store.
  5. Ok thanks for your help, I'll buy some standoff screws cause case doesn't have those.

    Just hope my motherboard connections will fit into the i/o shield with them
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  7. Hi there...I have ever come to this the damn power supply...
    Chose another brand to try it on,,or is better to bring there to try last (solved)
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